About Us

Until now, Maplewood had been enjoying the prestigious patronage of British and European markets. The brand has now stepped into the Indian market and is catering to the requirements Indian customers, creating a niche image for its fashion shoes. However, Maplewood has not rested on its laurels. It is acquiring the best of Indian patterns and is continuously innovating products with imagination and realism, leaving competition miles behind. Indian customers have taken very well to Maplewood products and the demand is growing daily among quality conscious customers demanding international class.

Tresbon is a global footwear company whose countryside boots are worn by people of all ages, through our broad range of products. At tresBon, we provide consumers with a differentiated footwear concept. Our Healthy Living and Contemporary Fashion brands are part of our compelling portfolio of demand brands. These are genuine leather shoes with elegance and comfort that connect deeply with our consumers on an emotional level.
We at tresBonstrive to provide quality shoes. Our goal is to provide our customers with ultimate comfort and satisfaction. Our engaged and empowered workforce means we have highly productive and motivated employees, and together, we operate under an efficient and cost-effective infrastructure. Combined, this is just part of what helps us to inspire people to feel good and live better… feet first!