Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility:

At AKI we view our business and our corporate social responsibility as an opportunity to demonstrate or values. We know that a business that puts people at the core of its strategy must work hard to live up to their expectation. As a company we recognise that our success depends on more than merely being good manufacturer & exporter so in 2007 we evolved our core values respecting our customers, our workforce & our community where we live and work into a formal CSR.

 Our operational Excellence: We will continuously strive to improve the processes we use & will consider value, risk & control and act within the limits of our authorisation.

 Our Compliance Responsibilities: We will comply with the company laws policies & all applicable laws, regulations and professional conduct standards in all areas in which we operate. Personal or financial conflicts of interest will be avoided and will be handled honesty and ethically.

 Our Customers: We will act honestly and fairly with customers at all times, providing high standard of products & service to all of our customers, respecting their interest & aiming to meet their needs with the product &services we provide them.

 Our Suppliers: We regard suppliers as our partners and work with them to help us achieve our policy aspiration in the delivery of our services.

 Our Community: We strive to be a good corporate citizen recognising our responsibility to work in partnership with the communities in which we operate.

Accordingly we strive to achieve best practice in our recruitment, retention & career progression practices as employers through :

 Training & development: We fully recognise the need to continually develop & stretch our people & we commit to investing in the technical & professional skills of our people. Each of our department provides internal technical training to ensure that we can work in as effective and efficient way as possible.

 Nurturing new talent: We encourage people to progress through our career structure, apply for work experience with us & for those demonstrating aptitude to apply for a training contract.

 Work/life balance: We fully recognise the benefit of a sensible work/life balance for all our people. Our fee earners all have sensible target hours & everyone is actively encourage to use their full holiday allowances each year. Also, we offer excellent benefit package including competitive salaries, optional health insurance and income protection.

 Waste Management: We arrange for waste paper to be recycled as we encourage our staff to reuse used paper for taking notes or messages. We currently buy office papers which comprises of 80% recycled material.