About Us



AKI India Ltd.was established in 1994 with the technical assistance of Horse Riding Group from Germany for the making of Leather Saddlery & Harness Goods

Further we have:

Expanded and improved the Company’s original products.

Introduced new product lines.

Expanded the Company's sales and distribution system internationally.

Introduced new manufacturing technology and reorganized production.


AKI is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and is primarily responsible for the design and manufacture of leather products for equestrian sports, Horse Covers, Leather Footwear and Finished Leather. Our company follows all applicable standards and CE requirements. Senior management at AKI continues it’s commitment to quality improvements.

Quality Products and Customer Service

AKI is committed to satisfying our customers' need for quality products by:

Leading our industry in product innovations,

Providing the fastest delivery.

Offering the capability to modify products to meet customers' requests,

Using only the best materials available & manufacturing the highest quality products.

Continually searching for better materials and improved methods of production.

AKI's on going success is dependent on its loyal customer base and continued addition of new and satisfied customers. Outstanding customer service is the backbone of a successful company and our customers appreciate the knowledge, experience and flexibility of our staff.

Work Environment

AKI India Ltd is a medium sized company with the expertise and agility to develop and deliver quality products based on customer requirements, lead times, engineering changes and schedule changes